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BeamU FIDO Security Key

Leading the security key industry with its first-ever fingerprint protection.

Enabling multi-factor and passwordless authentication to protect against phishing attacks.

Works with popular devices, browsers, apps and services that support FIDO standards.


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TIME $99

Biometric Fingerprint Sensor

Protect against un-authorized use of your security key by locking/unlocking the device with your fingerprint.

Multi-protocol / Device Compatibility

BeamU's unique form-factor makes for a compact and ultra-portable security key. Connect with a myriad of hosts that support FIDO2/WebAuthn and U2F protocol over USB, Bluetooth, or NFC.


Tamper-resistant Hardware

Designed to resist physical attacks aimed at extracting firmware and secrets keys. Additionally, the hardware chip is able to verify that the firmware hasn't been tampered with.


BeamU continues to expand on it's features and functionalities through firmware updates. To learn more about our other offerings such as Password Manager or Tracker, please click here.

Hardware Specifications

- Biometric Fingerprint Sensor

- Navigation Wheel

- E Ink Display

- Rechargeable Battery

- Dimension:  85.60 x 53.98 x 0.95 mm

- Weight: 8g

- Temperature: -10C to +60C

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