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BeamU FIDO Security Key

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Leading the security key industry with its first-ever fingerprint protection.

Enabling multi-factor and passwordless authentication to protect against phishing attacks.

Works with popular devices, browsers, apps and services that support FIDO standards.

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  • BeamU password manager stores all your passwords in a secure smart card protected by our fingerprints.

  • BeamU has a built-in FIDO U2F authentication key protected with your fingerprints. 

  • You can log on to your accounts securely from any desktop or mobile device. Mac, Win, iOS, Android.

  • Built-in Bluetooth tracker allows you to find your phones.

  • Secure cloud recovery of your passwords


Supported Platforms / Browsers


Experience The Next Level Of Security & Ease of Use For Accessing your Online Accounts




Protect your data

All your data is stored on the card so you don't have to rely on the security of your mobile or computer device. Your data is protected using a biometric fingerprint sensor  so you don't have to remember a password or PIN.

Manage your passwords

Store your passwords in BeamU's biometrically-secured, tamper-proof hardware vault. Login automatically into your website with using your favorite web browsers.

Find your mobile device

BeamU uses Bluetooth© Low Energy to help you locate your lost mobile device.

Uses hardware security

BeamU support for FIDO2/U2F provides seamless login experience into your Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter. (Click on this link to see websites supporting FIDO2/U2F)

Secure backups

BeamU offers backup of your data should you lose your card. Restoring your data to a new card only takes a few clicks using our Device Manager.

Battery-powered Wearable

BeamU is the size of a credit card so it fits nicely in your wallet or purse. It conveniently syncs with your devices so you can stay connected wherever you go. Security, protection, convenience at all times.

Supported Platforms / Browsers



Automatically stores your passwords secured on BeamU